/ ar•GIN•tario /

/ar٠GIN٠ta٠rio/ as you’ve never seen before!
Luca Scotto and our Gin partner Lorenzo Zappi will guide you step by step through the creation of wonderful homemade cocktail signed arGINtario!

Casa / ar•GIN•tario /

/ar٠GIN٠ta٠rio/ as you’ve never seen before!
Luca Scotto and our Gin partner Lorenzo Zappi will guide you step by step through the creation of wonderful homemade cocktail signed arGINtario!


We imagined this cocktail as a mix of flavours, scents and aromas released from fruit, vegetable and spice counters around the world, but which eventually find themselves in our home pantries, ready to be mixed together in a way different from the ordinary… Have fun.

  • Gin arGINtàrio (6 cl – a coffee cup full to the brim)
  • Pumpkin (300 g)
  • Carrots (3)
  • Mango (1)
  • Orange (1)
  • Lemon (1)
  • Their peels
  • Pink pepper (1 teaspoon)
  • Cardamom (1/2 teaspoons)
  • Cinnamon (half stick about 2cm)
  • Rosemary spring (1)
  • Muscovado sugar (4 teaspoons)

Let's start by carefully washing all the necessary fruit and vegetables and immediately put aside the lemon and orange peel that we will need during the preparation, help yourself with a potato peeler.

Cut fruit and vegetables into small cubes to put it into the extractor, as regards the orange and the lemon from which we have removed the zest, now it is important to also remove the albedo, that is all that white part that is between the peel and pulp, as it is the bitter part of the fruit.

Now put the spices, the fruit peels (leave one of orange for the garnish) and the Muscovado sugar in the "4 seasons" jar, crush a little in order to extract their essences and aromas in the best possible way, after that also add the rosemary, but only the "needles" without inserting the woody part of the branch (same as the orange, keep a tip of the branch for the final garnish). We have recommended the quantities, but you can also put more or less at your convenience.

Once we have crushed, we pour our extract into the jar, close it well and put it in a pot with water so that the latter is at the same level as the extract inside the jar. Now let it cook at a low temperature of 55/60 degrees (you can help yourself with a cooking thermometer) for about 20 minutes.

At this point, after having allowed it to cool a bit, we filter our extract, we used a 200 micron "superbag" easily available online, but it can also be done with 20 denier socks (or a very fine mesh strainer to retain the fragments of spices). Once everything was filtered we arrived at the most beautiful moment of the preparation of the cocktail.
Let's start by cooling the glass by filling it with ice, in the meantime we can prepare the garnish with the orange peel that we made you leave aside before, remove the white part still attached from it and if you want, shape it a little and then roll it and put the tip of the sprig of rosemary inside.

Now that the glass is cold, drain the water that has formed inside, pour 6 cl of ARGINtàrio (if you have a jigger no problem, otherwise they correspond to a full coffee cup), and finish filling with the extract.
Now you can garnish with the orange "twist" with rosemary inside and finally enjoy our "Mercante" ...



Leopoldo II of Tuscany was the last reigning Grand Duke of Tuscany, in Maremma he was nicknamed Canapone, inextricably linked to our territory thanks to the massive reclamation wanted on our land. Furthermore Canapone was the name of one of our Rosé wines that we used to produce in the past that had a very intense colour, similar to the result of our cocktail. This is our twist on the Negroni that you can do at home!!!

  • Gin arGINtàrio (4 cl about two third of a cup)
  • DOCG Morellino di Scansano A’Luciano (4 cl about two third of a cup)
  • Classic bitter to your taste (3 cl about a little more than one third of a cup)
  • Amaro “Bepi Tosolini” (1 cl about less than one third of a cup)
  • Orange bitter (1 dash)
Let’s start by cooling the glass, this time we had fun creating ice with balloons, the ones used for water balloons. Fill the balloon to a size that can fit in your glass, close it and put it in the freezer so that it keeps the round shape as much as possible.

In this way the ice will melt more slowly, diluting your cocktail less quickly.

We used the “mixing glass” but if you want you can mix it directly in your glass or in a container similar to the mixing glass. Fill it with ice and let it cool. Once cooled, clean it out and add all the ingredients, usually from the less "precious" one because if you make a mistake you can "repair" it with as little waste as possible…

Let’s pour 4 cl of Morellino di Scansano A’Luciano (about two third of a cup), then 4 cl of bitter (about two third of a cup), a “dash” of orange bitter (we have unwittingly put in a little more), 2 cl of the “Bepi Tosolini” bitter (about one third of a cup) and finally our arGINtàrio, again 4 cl (two third of a cup).

Now let’s add the ice back in the mixing glass and mix with the spoon or with what you have available. Now you just have to pour our "Canapone" into the glass, keeping the ice in the mixing glass and garnishing with an orange peel, "squeezing" it on the surface of the glass if you like…



Sour cocktails by definition are the mix of a main distillate with lime or lemon juice, a sweetener and finally egg white, now we tell you about our homemade version of /ar-GIN-sour/

  • Gin arGINtàrio (5 cl – a coffee cup almost full to the brim)
  • Fennel licorice and mint infusion (6 cl - a coffee cup full to the brim)
  • Filtered lime juice (1.5 cl - one quarter of a coffee cup)
  • Acacia honey syrup (2 cl - one third of a coffee cup)
  • 5 sachets of fennel licorice and mint infusion.
  • Extra fine sugar (60 grams)
  • One egg white (or faba water for a veggy drink)
  • Acacia honey (35 grams)
  • Natural water (both for the infusion and for the syrup)
First of all we need to prepare the infusion of fennel, mint and licorice, it takes 5 sachets in half a litre of water. Once the infusion is ready, we add the 60 grams of extra-fine sugar, so that it dissolves more easily. As soon as all the sugar has melted, put our fennel, licorice and mint cordial to cool.

Now let’s prepare the acacia honey syrup very early and quickly. We have to put 22 ml of water in a small pot, let it cool over low heat and begin to melt the 35 grams of acacia honey. Our syrup is ready.

Now, for those who have it, let’s take your professional shaker, in case you don’t have it you can use a jar of tomato sauce. Fill it with an egg white, 2 cl of acacia honey syrup, 1.5 cl of filtered lime juice (practically the juice of half a lime) and start with the dry shake (i.e. without ice), until a nice foam is created.

At this point we have to cool the glass as usual, a nick & nora cup would be optimal. While the ice has its effect on the glass we continue with the preparation of the cocktail. Fill the shaker with 6 cl of fennel-licorice-mint cordial (infusion+sugar) and 5 cl of arGINtàrio. Now we can put the ice in the shaker, up to just above half of it, give it a quick shake so as not to dilute the cocktail and the foam too much.

Here we are, it's time for serving, empty the ice and water from the glass, take a strainer, and pour the contents of the shaker into the glass through the strainer (double strain technique), taking care not to drop the ice from the shaker.

Your arGINsour is now ready to be garnished and then above all drunk, insert the mint leaf where you prefer and grate a little lime zest over the foam, cheers!!


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