ArGINtario with 500ml case

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Heart of Maremma, Wine Soul

In the heart of the Maremma, along the South coast of Tuscany, there is the Argentario peninsula, joined by two strips of land.
This Gin takes inspiration exactly from its woods, our Ansonica vineyards and the sea.
Juniper, lemon balm, bitter orange, jasmine, a bit of grape distillate and two hand-picked botanicals, mastic and sea fennel, fully reflect the character of our people and our territory.
It is a versatile Gin both for cocktails and to drink alone..



We aimed at a simple gin with few botanicals, but special in the selection. Each plant we have chosen awakens some scents, memories that stimulate our mind and that overall create a harmony of flavours.

MASTIC: the balsamic and resinous note recalls the Tuscan hill and countryside;

JUNIPER BERRIES: They mark the taste and feature of gin, with an intense aroma and an aromatic and woody touch;

BITTER ORANGE PEEL: It is a citrine part that gives us fresh, citrusy and lively notes;

SEA FENNEL: It releases its sapid part that gives freshness to the palate, transporting those who drink to the shores of our sea;

JASMINE: The floral scent is what we are looking for in this botanical that gives us aroma and softness;

LEMON BALM: It is also called citrine herb which gives a grassy touch.

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