ArGINtario kit “Maremma Amara” Gin Tonic with 2 highball glasses

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Heart of Maremma, Wine Soul

The Kit includes:

• 1 bottle of ArGINtario GIN;

• 2 bottles of Fever tree Mediterranean tonic;

• slices of dehydrated orange;

• 2 highball;




We aimed at a simple gin with few botanicals, but special in the selection. Each plant we have chosen awakens some scents, memories that stimulate our mind and that overall create a harmony of flavours.

MASTIC: the balsamic and resinous note recalls the Tuscan hill and countryside;

JUNIPER BERRIES: They mark the taste and feature of gin, with an intense aroma and an aromatic and woody touch;

BITTER ORANGE PEEL: It is a citrine part that gives us fresh, citrusy and lively notes;

SEA FENNEL: It releases its sapid part that gives freshness to the palate, transporting those who drink to the shores of our sea;

JASMINE: The floral scent is what we are looking for in this botanical that gives us aroma and softness;

LEMON BALM: It is also called citrine herb which gives a grassy touch.

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